Please arrive to your class on time.  If you miss the warm-up you may not be allowed to participate in class.  

Please sign up for class online ahead of time.  Because there are only so many spots available in each class, we may not be able to accommodate walk-ins.



Under NO circumstances is a student allowed to teach another student a new move or spin.   TWRL instructors are trained on proper learning progression and safely teaching each move so please allow them to do their job.  This rule also applies to instructors from other studios unless given permission by TWRL.

If you are inverting or upside down in any way you MUST use a crash mat unless given special permission by a TWRL instructor.  This includes advance students.

If you have had a previous injury or surgery please let your instructor know so that they can safely teach you while considering any limitations you may have.

Class cancellations/ Late Fee

Once scheduled for a class you are agreeing to show up for that time.  If you do not show up to class or cancel the class less than 5 hours prior to the class start time you will be charged a $5 Late Cancel/No show fee.  If you cannot make it to class, please cancel via mindbody ahead of time so your reserved spot can go to someone else.

If you do not have a credit card on file with TWRL and we cannot charge you the $5, you will automatically lose your class credit.

If TWRL cancels a class that you are signed up for, that class will not be deducted from your account.  

Class Purchases

Classes are non-refundable. If you are unsure of whether you will enjoy our classes or not, we recommend you purchasing a single class to try it out, then a package if you would like more.  

We will not freeze your account under any circumstances.  Please take this into consideration when purchasing monthly memberships or any package!

Please pay attention to when classes expire when making your class purchases.  ALL of our classes and packages have a 1 month expiration except the BUTI classes, those expire after 45 days.