Class Registration:

  • Please sign up for class online ahead of time.  Because there are only so many spots available in each class, we may not be able to accommodate walk-ins. Also it is important to check the schedule for any changes or cancellations

  • The Waitlist: If you wish to sign up for a class that is full we highly encourage you to add yourself to the Waitlist. There is a high possibility a spot will open up or the instructor may add you to class.  If a spot does not open your class credit will not be taken away. If you are added to the class and do not show up you will be charged the $5 no-show fee.

Attending Classes:

  • Please arrive to your class on time.  If you miss the warm-up you may not be allowed to participate in class.  If your instructor allows you to join you MUST warm-up before getting on any apparatus.  

  • Students are not to be on any aerial apparatus prior to the beginning of class.

  • If you are taking 2 classes in a row, you are expected to do the warm-up for each of those classes. Even if you are “already warm”.

  • No student is to be on the poles or any aerial apparatus before class has began or after class has ended.

Class cancellations/Fees:

  • Once scheduled for a class you are agreeing to show up for that time.  If you do not show up to class or cancel the class less than 5 hours prior to the class start time you will be charged a $5 Late Cancel/No show fee. No exceptions.

  • If you cannot make it to class, please cancel via mindbody ahead of time so your reserved spot can go to someone else.

  • If you do not have a credit card on file with TWRL and we cannot charge you the $5, you will automatically lose your class credit

  • If TWRL cancels a class that you are signed up for, that class will not be deducted from your account.

  • If only 1 person is signed up for any class, there is a possibility that class may be canceled due to low attendance.

Cell Phone Policy:

  • All cell phone calls are to be taken outside of the classroom and in the main lobby. Consider the other people in the room while taking calls and step out of class.

  • Cell phones are not allowed to be out until the last 10 mins of class. This includes taking pictures and scrolling on social media.  You are in class to learn and to work-out! Don’t ruin it by being on your phone the whole time!


  • Under NO circumstances is a student allowed to teach another student a new move or spin.   TWRL instructors are trained on proper learning progression and safely teaching each move so please allow them to do their job.

  • If you are inverting or upside down in any way (hips are over your head)  you MUST use a crash mat unless given special permission by a TWRL instructor.  This includes advance students.

  • If you have had a previous injury/surgery or if you are pregnant, please  let your instructor know so that they can safely teach you while considering any limitations you may have.

Class Purchases

  • Classes are non-refundable. If you are unsure of whether you will enjoy our classes or not, we recommend you purchasing a single class to try it out, then a package if you would like more.

  • Class Packages: All class packages expire in 4 months. No Exceptions.

  • Class packages are non-transferable.

  • Memberships : We will not freeze your account due to travel/vacation or for any reason other than a member having a personal medical emergency. . Please take this into consideration when purchasing monthly memberships.

  • Memberships will not be canceled due to inability to pay. The only ways to get out of your contract are:

    • Buy out: Pay 50% of your contract remaining balance

    • Transfer: Find another student who will buy your remaining membership.

  • Hip-Hop or Workshop purchases are final and will not roll over if you miss your class.

Retail Purchases:

  • All retail purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.  No exceptions.

Personal Belongings:

  • Please keep all of your belongings together. (grip, water bottles, etc..)

  • TWRL is not responsible for any lost/stolen items in the studio or parking lot.

  • TWRL has a lost & found bin that will be emptied every 3 months. We announce when this will happen on Facebook and in the studio.