Pole Fitness Classes


Pole fitness classes consist of a 10-15 minute warm-up.  The warm-up includes stretching and conditioning exercises that will assist in strengthening target muscle groups used in Pole Fitness. After the warm up we move on to learning spins, tricks and inversions on the pole! Everyone will learn at their own pace and comfort level! Remember, this is a workout! Only during the last 5 minutes of class do we dim the lights, strap on the heels (only if you're comfortable) and play/dance around the pole.  There's a little something for everyone in this truly unique and non-traditional exercise.  

Disclaimer: Spontaneous dancing may break out at any time during pole class.  I mean, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves!

+ Wear shorts and comfortable shirt. Please do not apply any lotion to your hands or legs before class

+Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to your scheduled class.  If you miss our warm-up you will not be allowed to participate. 




Class Information:

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