What We Offer


pole DANCE & fitNEss Levels 1, 2 and 3

60 min class beginning with a 15 min warm-up and conditioning that will prepare you for all of the amazing spins and tricks you will learn on the pole. This truly unique form of fitness is a progressive full body workout that will leave you feeling confident and inspired.

Level 1: Beginner. In this class you will learn spins and floor work on and around the pole. You will also learn how to properly climb the pole.

Level 2: In this intermediate class you will begin to take your skills higher up the pole with new moves and progressions.

Level 3: This class is for those who can properly invert in a controlled manner without jumping or using your feet to help you up the pole. In this class you will learn advance skills that require strength and flexibility.



Ever want to try aerials but feel uncomfortable in some of the other aerial apparatuses? Then aerial hammock is for you! This apparatus is a little more comfortable and a great place to start learning and moving towards your dreams of being an aerialist!


Aerial hoop

In this 60 min class you will learn all you need to know to feel strong and comfortable on this aerial apparatus!

This class you will begin to learn how to properly enter the hoop along with many moves and transitions. Once comfortable you will learn how to flow in and out of different moves seamlessly while adding a spin element to your tricks!

This class is perfect for beginners and those with prior experience!



This 90 min beginner Hip-Hop class is designed to help you learn how to dance and move just like your favorite hip hop celebrities and background dancers! Tap into your inner performer in this awesome cardio class! Heels are optional.


low flow + floor werk

Want to tap into your inner goddess? Strap on your heels and join us in our 60min low flow and floor werk class to learn how to move smoothly around the pole and floor!

In this class you will learn how to do moves such as shoulder rolls and heel claps while incorporating a sexy flow on and off the pole.

This class is perfect for those wanting to tap into the sexy side of pole dance or for those who need help breaking out of their shell. We are all sexy goddesses! Sometimes we just need a little push to realize it!

Heels are optional and little pole experience is helpful but not mandatory.