Aerial Fitness

What should I wear?


For the added ease of learning spins and climbing the pole, we recommend you wear  comfortable workout shorts, a sports bra and a comfortable shirt to your first pole class.  Before pole class, please do not apply any lotion or moisturizer to your hands or legs as this will cause difficulty gripping the pole, and please remove all rings as they tend to scratch the pole and pinch fingers. For safety reasons high heels are not allowed until the last 10 minutes of class unless otherwise allowed by your instructor.  No shoes needed.


Comfortable yoga pants or leggings and a comfortable shirt with sleeves. No shoes needed.


Leggings that at least cover the knee (the thicker the fabric the better) and a comfortable shirt. Tennis shoes are mandatory.


Does everyone work on the same thing in class?

Yes and No.  There may be some time where we all focus on one move or skill but for the majority of class time you will be working on a pole move at your own pace.  

If you are a beginner, you will start with the basics and work your way up while your neighbor, who may be a little more advanced, will work on moves at their own level.  We will never expect anyone to attempt a pole move they are not comfortable with.  

For choreography classes such as Hoop Flow or Sexy Pole, everyone will work on the same thing.

Can I take pictures in class?

Absolutely! But please be mindful of others and your time. Classes are one hour long and we would prefer if you waited until the last 10 minutes of class to snap those selfies. That way you can focus on learning new skills and getting your workout in uninterrupted.  Also be mindful of others in the class as they may not want their pictures taken. IF the instructor finds that you being on your phone is disruptive in any way they will ask you to turn it off. All phone calls must be taken in the lobby.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes. 225 lbs.

“I have no upper body strength!! I need to workout before I try a class!”

LIES! You don’t need any experience or workout history to attend these classes!  All experts start as a beginner. Like other workout routines, as you progress you’ll get stronger and begin unlocking new skills and tricks you never thought possible. Not to mention, you’ll have FUN doing it! The sky is the limit so let’s TWRL!

Bungee Workout . 

Is it low impact?

Yes. If done properly the Bungee Workout decreases the amount of pressure on your joints, but don't let that fool you! The Bungee Workout is a high intensity cardio workout and is not safe for those who have had any recent surgeries.  You need to be able to safely get through any type of aerobic exercise class before taking Bungee.

Can I take pictures or video in class?

Yes, but only at the end of class when your instructor says it is okay.


Is there a weight limit?

Yes.  The Bungee Workout TM system weight limit is 225lbs and harnesses fit a variety of sizes with the max measurements of Waist: 45" Leg Loop: 23" If you do not meet these requirements you will not be able to participate in class.