The Bungee Workout ™ 

The gravity defying class taking the international fitness world by storm.

You may have spotted the video while scrolling through Facebook. A room full of people plunging to the ground, then flying through the air. Bungee Workout ™, a dance and fitness combination class, has been widely discussed over social media in recent months, and has been gaining much anticipation and momentum as the next big thing to hit the local fitness scene. Many are looking forward to adding it to their workout regimen.

At first blush it appears like a whole lot of fun (and it is!) - but it's harder than it looks. There's a science to it and the format goes well beyond bouncing around. It's cardio, it's strength, it's abs and it's going to improve your balance! Everything you're doing in this class is core focused. You are constantly working against the tension of the cord. So the harder you push, the higher you fly!  

The bungees allow people to perform maneuvers they would not otherwise be able to do, like one handed push-ups with their feet suspended in the air, or plunging to the floor, flying through the air and quite literally bouncing of walls for a unique, effective and absolutely fun and exhilarating workout. This low impact, high intensity class is a fusion of dance and aerobics. Your certified instructorwill guide and train you through the basics in the beginner class, and once you’ve nailed the essentials you'll be ready to fly in a one of a kind choreographed routine that will lift you up! 

All said, it’s essentially a resistance class designed around your secret childhood fantasy of leaping like Spiderman, with the grace of an aerial artiste, set to the high energy beat of the latest pop music.




Bungee Workout ™

Bungee Workout ™ is a combination dance and fitness training, as well as acrobatic performance class calibrated and geared for us everyday people. Each participant wears a hip harness and clips on to an IRATA certified rigging system. Safety is of the utmost importance to us, and our top of the line equipment was designed and built specifically for this workout.

The class is an amazing resistance training and full body cardio workout. It works and tones almost every muscle in your body, focusing on your core strength. The bungee cord is attached to the back of the hip harness, allowing you to move freely and access atheletic and otherwise physically unattainable moves. The powerful bungee cord is also a potent resistance training tool, used to enhance overall muscle toning and fitness performance. It provides safe, secure yet challenging resistance for strengthening and sculpting muscles at the same time. The aerial component gives a total body cardio workout that leverages gravity and body weight. You are dripping sweat by the end of the class, but you don’t realize how hard you have worked because it is so much fun.

And did we mention – you get to fly.

We highly recommend bringing a towel and a spare t-shirt, and be prepared to sweat.
As your Bungee Workout ™ skill and fitness level increases you will be able to raise your goals higher and higher in this truly rewarding weekly workout routine

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Bungee Fit

Taking the powerful bungee cord’s resistance training abilities to the next level, Bungee Fit is an intensive 60 minutes of exercise without dance movements. You push more, run more, fly more and burn more. And it’s not-stop in this HIIT styled total body fitness + bungee movement class. The bungees is where the strength training comes in - allowing exercisers to access challenging, otherwise unavailable moves. One handed push-ups, chin-ups and hand stands that are normally out of reach for many are suddenly doable, and are merely part of the warm up routine.

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Bungee Workshop

A dance and performance class doubling as a fun, total body cardio workout. Choreography in various dance and music genres is infused with bungee moves, and then introduced within a dance class format. Expect more complicated maneuvers such as grand leaps, flips and mid-air poses, synced to music and performed in the graceful tradition of the dance and circus performing arts. Bungee Dance Workshops will take your Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Latin classes to an altogether new high – literally - as you leap, spin and tumble through thin air. This class will strongly develop your dance foundations like posture, balance, extensions, ‘pirouettes and plies’, and propel your dance skills drastically up multiple levels. All the while having fun and falling in love with dance all over again.